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Companion ebook to LOVE’S DARK EDGES is an amplified edition titled LOVE’S CALL TO SURRENDER. It is now available exclusively at Amazon Kindle.

If you are a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber a copy is available FREE.

Click on the following:


If you have already purchased a previous Kindle copy of LOVE’S CALL TO SURRENDER or LOVE’S DARK EDGES and desire the larger amplified edition, you can request the Kindle Customer Service Team to download the updated content using either of the links below at no cost. Be sure and ‘sync’ your Kindle to allow for updated material. (Only option for getting a second download)

Amazon Kindle – Click to Call

Amazon Kindle – Click to Chat


Love is Freedom!

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‘Being grateful and showing it.’

A Mouthful at Sea

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Whales vs Whales

Orcas, ‘Wolves of the Sea’ or Killer Whales (Whale Killers), Ambush Alaska-Bound Gray Whales. For a descriptive account go to Alaska Cache Newsletter (Wildlife, Item W9).

Doug at Alaska Adventure eBooks Xtreme

Alaska Xtreme Wilderness Fishing A Click Away!

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1_Cover_FshUntmd_650 (2)

Partial Cover Photo by Doug C. Myers

My ebook  ALASKA – Fishing The UNTAMED includes fishing and wildlife adventures on remote rivers of the Bering Sea and Bristol Bay Regions, Kodiak Island, Alaska Peninsula, and less distant Kenai Peninsula. Separate accounts include fishing all five species of wild salmon, rainbow trout, Dolly Varden char, Arctic grayling, northern pike, halibut, and herring. “A River Runs Red” is a special section on Kenai River sockeye salmon.

Fishing subsistence efforts and hospitality of Native friends receives special attention, and a variety of wildlife encounters are detailed with each fishing expedition. The Kodiak brown bear and mainland grizzly brown bear are included with distinction.

Digital color photo illustrations are included throughout.

Author/Photographer Doug C. Myers

View at either Amazon Kindle or Smashwords

When The End Is The Beginning !

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                                                                                                              Photo by Doug C. Myers

New Year’s Holiday Season encourages the review of a challenging and sometimes serendipitous past year while also resolved to the reward in future’s promise.  New Year’s Eve is a celebration of an ending that is also a beginning.  It is the precursor to each day’s early dawn or gratitude following the abolition of a lover’s regret – both essential to greater prosperity.   –  Doug

Alaska Cache Newsletter

Creator Image – Creativity

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1a_Grayling_Trail Head_Rege_09 (2)                                                       Regis Pappert In Photo

Hiking in Nature boosts person’s creativity !

Go to:  ALASKA CACHE NEWSLETTER, “Around Alaska” – Item AA2

–  Doug

Alaska’s Far Reaching Sun

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To date winter days near Anchorage have been clear and cold.  While insulating snow accumulates only in the forecasts the beauty in bitter cold is extensive, as are memory images of tropical white sand beaches.  –  Doug

Alaska Cache Newsletter

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